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CAOKS also offer Charitable Support throughout the world.
CAOKS FUNDRAISING – in its 150th Anniversary Year

Here’s a summary of what we’re trying to do and why:

      • A key objective of the Association has always been to support former pupils
      • To this end, we have two funds: the Old King’s Scholars Exhibition Fund and the Baty Voluntary Service Award
      • The Exhibition Fund provides funds to support former pupils at university – £250 a year for three years
      • The Baty Overseas Voluntary Service Award (up to £500) supports former pupils to conduct voluntary work abroad during a gap year or occasionally post university if relevant to their studies
      • We have supported students to do meaningful projects in many countries in Africa, Asia and South America and you may have read about these in our newsletters

We believe that it is imperative to secure the future funding of these awards, hence the challenging target of raising £25,000 as part of our 150th anniversary activities. We launched this at the 149th Dinner in March: the stand-up bingo and various auctions raised a healthy £787.

We are now asking all our members and associates (totalling over 1100) to make a donation of £25 / £50 / £100 to enable us to reach this ambitious target by April 2016. If everyone donates at least £25 then it is achievable!

And do check out our online merchandise page with a range of quality 150th anniversary themed items including t-shirts, mugs and umbrellas. Every sale will earn commission for us – go to This link will be on the website in due course.

We are the oldest alumni organisation in the country; please help us support its future. Details of how to donate and Gift Aid your donation (that gives us another 25%) are attached and will be available on the website in due course.

Thank you in anticipation of your help

Will Lamb – Trustee CAOKS Exhibition Fund

Nick Phillipson – Hon Treasurer

Baty Overseas Voluntary Service Award

The Award provides a grant of up to £500 to support a recent leaver to undertake a project of work overseas that will achieve one or more of the outcomes below.

The Exhibition Fund

The Exhibition was originally called the “Old King’s Scholars Exhibition” and was originally set up to cover tuition fees, books and lodgings.