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The CAOKS Team

The Movers and Shakers in the Alumni

The Chester Association of Old King’s Scholars is the social and professional Association for former King’s Chester students founded in 1865. CAOKS is run by former pupils for the benefit of former pupils. CAOKS is wholly autonomous and all King’s alumni are welcome to become part of “The Association”.

As the principal function of CAOKS is to promote inclusivity, friendship and interaction among the alumni various social events are promoted as well as providing members with an exclusive and very active “CAOKS Group” on the professional networking site LinkedIn. All alumni, whether members or not, are welcome to join in with these CAOKS organised activities.

An Events Card and Year Book is published annually and regular Newsletters keep members in this country and abroad informed.

Although functioning independently of the School one of our aims is to support the foundation of 1541 that created the King’s School. Thus each year the Association gives significant assistance to the School Community.

Assistance we give to the School Community
  • funding the Baty Overseas Voluntary Service Award
  • awarding the Old King’s Scholars’ Exhibition which is given to the most outstanding student going up to university
  • recognition of individual achievements on the sports field with awards at School Prize Giving

Officers of The Association

The following are the CAOKS team, with contact details so you can contact them directly.


Biography to follow.

Alan Vallance


Biography to follow.

Olivia Whitlam

Senior Vice President

Biography to follow.

Ben Kapur

Vice President

Biography to follow.

Mike Sayer

Vice President

Biography to follow.

Adrian Ackroyd

Hon. Secretary

Biography to follow.

Nick Phillipson

Hon. Treasurer
Other Useful Contacts

Other Useful Contacts

Contact details for Junior Vice presidents and General Committee Members


General Committee Members

Peter Bernie (1976) –

Paul Consterdine (2001) –

Steve Downey –

Alex Horne (1985) –

Robin Hardi (1987) –

Michael Hurleston (1981) –

Will Lamb (1971) –

Jeremy Lloyd (1963) –

Simon Malone (2016) – 01244 660030 (H)

Kate Phillipson (2010) –

James Szerdy (1983) –

David Wilkes (1967) –

by invitation

The Headmaster

Heads of school Team

Junior Vice Presidents 2016 – 2017

Ben Paxton (2015) –

Laurence Ankers (2015) –

Megan Pode (2015) –

Kartik Upadhyay (2013) –

Emily Moss (2013) –

Will Marshall (2013) –

Arthur Jebb (2012) –

Miranda Harle (2012) –

Luke Howarth (2012) –

Siobhan Barnard (2011) –

Joe Benson (2011) –

Peter Johnstone (2011) –

Oscar Hayward (2010) –

Lauren Phillips (2007) –

Will Orchard (2007) – 01606 301044 (H)

Rhodri Owen (2006) –

Ben Crooks (2005) – 01928 732285 (H)